Some of offered Heidelberg parts


00.580.4128/03        Autoplate pneumatic to use in PM74, SM74, CD74

00.580.4129/03        Autoplate pneumatic to use on SM102, CD102

61.186.5311/03        CPC motor for SM52, PM52, SM74, PM74, CD74, SM102, CD 102

61.186.5411/03        CPC motor for XL75, XL105, XL145, XL165  

61.186.5511/01        Faulhaber small geared motor

G2.110.1461/           Sensor (photocell) for Heidelberg machines

61.144.1121/            Impression pressure adjustment motor (new number R2)

71.112.1311/03        Motor for sheet alignment - front lay

M2.014.003F/           Gripper bar for SM74, PM74

MV.056.026/04         Gripper bar for SM74, PM74

61.184.1136/            Cylinder valve

M2.184.1071/           Cylinder valve

00.580.3909             Pneumatic cylinder  

00.550.1471/            INA Cam follower F-217813

00.550.0465/            INA Cam follower F-51380

C3.011.627/03          Gripper CD102

C3.011.920/03          Gripper pad CD102


We can send you photo of parts nad prices on request.

If you need any other parts for Heidelberg machines, do not hesitate to contact us.